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art educators program academy of classical design


ur new week–long intensive summer program is offered to art educators looking to expand their own teaching curriculum by practicing the concepts and training developed at the Academy of Classical Design. Based on historical models of atelier training, each participant will experience the classical foundation being taught in the full time curriculum through a series of projects designed to enrich not only what is taught back home in the classroom, but to advance their own work one step closer to the level of the Masters.

Morning sessions will concentrate on learning clear construction principles using the Charles Bargue drawing course with the goal of applying this knowledge to a wider range of design issues. Afternoon sessions will develop these same principles into a painterly approach through tonal and color copies made from acknowledged master compositions. The aim of this program is to be able to translate this experience into a heightened technical ability while at the same time, developing a more profound understanding and appreciation for the history of art.

The Art Educators Program will also include the weekly illustrated lecture by Academy Director Jeffrey Mims and allow the opportunity to interact with full time students working from the same set of principles introduced through this course.

Art Educators Tuition: $1,000.